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Communications and publications – editing, layout, typesetting of text and music

Save your company the embarrassment of faulty spelling, bad English, and poor layout in your written communications – let word and page check the language and layout and produce a professional product to enhance your company’s standing by letting your clients see that you care about presentation.

We offer the following services:

•   Checking of written materials (from brochures or reports to full-length books) for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

•   Correction and rewriting of contorted language into clear, plain English

•   Restructuring of complex documents to clarify meaning

•   Music editing and layout with Sibelius software

•   Page layout

•   Typographic design (along with straightforward graphic design)

•   Typesetting and production of documents in Microsoft Word, or Adobe Acrobat format ready for printing

•   Translation from various European languages (Finnish, Icelandic, all Scandinavian, German, Latin, ancient Greek)

•   Mottos – if you want a motto in Latin, or Greek, we can do it for you

•   Traditional copy-editing and typesetting services for publishing firms or departments (with special skills in linguistics, and medieval and classical studies)

Clients may be assured that confidentiality of all materials submitted is maintained scrupulously.  

We are based in Chester, but carry out work for clients throughout Britain and Europe.

What we don’t do:

•   edit fiction or family histories for private clients; moreover, please note that we are VAT-registered and hence prices will be higher for non-VAT-registered clients;

•   offer advice on how to get your book published – please try for example the Society of Authors;

•   advise on getting a job, or employ anyone, as a proofreader – check the Society for Editors and Proofreaders’ website or contact the Publishing Training Centre (note, these are the best sources of training in this field).

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word and page is a trading name of Clive Tolley Editorial Services